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B.C.E. Lead Animator and 3D Modeler for Blue Drop Games

about blue drop games

Blue Drop Games is a Boston-based indie game development studio working on their first title B.C.E.

B.C.E. is a top-down, team-based multiplayer game in which two teams of cavemen compete against each other for control of their most precious resource: fire. Players must work together gathering resources to strengthen and defend their team’s fire while maintaining a strong enough offense to keep their opponents at bay. The flagship ‘Fire Fight’ game mode is a twist on the classic capture the flag mode.

B.C.E. is currently on Steam Greenlight so please check out the Greenlight page to vote for the game!

game mode: burnout

Burnout is a fast-paced, 2 v 2 game mode that can be played locally, online, or as a local/online combo session. The goal of Burnout is simply to be the last team standing. The catch, however, is that each player “owns” a fire that controls his/her ability to respawn. That means that there are 4 fires total – 2 red, and 2 blue. As long as your fire is lit, your caveman will respawn and you can continue to fight. If a player’s fire is extinguished, however, they will not respawn until either the next round starts or their fire is re-ignited by a teammate. Attacking (melee or projectile) a friendly fire will light it, and attacking (melee or projectile) an enemy fire will put it out.

My role with b.c.e.

I've known Arjun, Chris, and Conor since freshman year of college, where we all lived together in Smith Hall. A few months after Alibi was released the guys founded Blue Drop Games, and I was offered the opportunity to create the 3D models and animations for their first title, B.C.E. I had the pleasure of modelling, rigging, and animating the caveman from scratch. Where we started with stock figures and animations from the Unreal Engine, I worked hard to replace them with original creations that fit B.C.E.'s aesthetic.